Monday, May 4, 2009

That's Better......

So... AF lets me know she's coming with a horrid migraine. She now lets me know she's leaving (like I didn't already know, she's usually very predictable, darn it) with a MONSTER migraine than makes the horrid migraine feel like a... a... something-you-barely-feel. Sorry, it's that post-migraine fog that keeps me from focusing or thinking (or seeing) straight. Big words (or even proper words at all) go right out the window. So how am I feeling chipper after an all-day, 4-excedr!n-migraine monster?
Yes. I did.
As in 4 wheels on each foot (because I'm way too old-school for the in-line kind), do-the-wipe-out, skating... And while I actually sat out on the wipe-out song, I must say I did have one good wipe-out. Oh, I didn't just fall... I ROLLED across the floor AFTER I fell. Like a tumbleweed. All 100-and-none-ya-bidness-pounds of me just rollin'....
The kids from church went, mostly the 12-and-under-crowd. Mostly my girls' class I (help) teach (mostly on my own now) (without knowing in advance I'll be by myself) (which means I come up with a lesson, well, when we get to class) (but I'm not bitter at all about the other teacher not even calling to let me know she's not coming) and the boys' class of the same age. And Niece got to experience skating for the first time. And well, let's just say my dad raised 3 girls, so we were his boys, too, and we're all three a tad bit competitive. Just a little. Which explains how I fell. And I kicked some air hockey hiney, to boot. Yes, put me in the same space as 12-year-old boys, and I become.... well, a 12-year-old boy, minus thr gross sounds and smells eeking from their bodies.
NOW..... Yes, I do indeed realize that I will pay for all this fun and acting like I'm 12 again tomorrow... In fact, I hurt already, in places I forgot could hurt. But it was fun. And I won. And I laughed and smiled more tonight than I have in a long time.

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