Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dilemma solved, new friends, etc

Argh.... My mom "solved" the MD dilemma for me, by telling me that a baby dedication is a once-in-a-lifetime-thing, and there's no question I should go to that. Uh, thanks mom!! I'm not sure how things will go... I did find out that we won't be crammed into my in-law's house, we will be eating @ the church. M-I-L is cooking for us though. And we are apparently eating supper at my parents', so we'll be staying for the whole stinkin' lunch. Don't get me wrong, I love them all, and I'm very thankful to have such good in-laws... We all get along wonderfully, we all help each other out in different ways, but this will probably be one of those days where I'm not very into taking care of everyone's kids!!! I thought once you got married you could leave the kid table????? Oh, no, wait... Somebody's gotta be there to supervise, so it should be the married couple with none of their own!!! Ugh.... Thankfully we went to W.a.l M@rt after a movie tonight, around midnight (I know!! we stayed out way late lol), and just went ahead and bought cards for our moms, and I even went all out and got our sisters cards. And orchid corsages for our moms... It was a really good time, the store was fairly empty, so those tears that almost came would not have been so bad. Now we just have to go to town tomorrow (or a few hours from now actually... so much for resting this weekend!!) to buy the actual gifts.
New friends... Well, last weekend @ our yard sale, an old friend from high school, who I haven't seen since high school, came up. She added me on my.sp@ce, noticed one of my old blogs there about the orphans from Ukraine, and things have taken off from there!! She and her hubby were working on their dossier, when they were told the Vietnamese program had closed. So now they are looking into DH_R to foster adopt. I've been praying for friends close by who are going through things similar to us, and of course God is providing right when we need it. Still waiting to hear from another person who I emailed.
Adoption... Well, the agency Ellen at http://suburban#### saga. blogspot. com (take out the spaces and ##'s)told me about requires that couples be married for at least 3 years, which seems to be the magic number for most angencies. Which means that it would be 3-4 years from now before we could really get a child. I'm more patient than I used to be, but that is a loooooooong time to wait when you're ready, oh I don't know, YESTERDAY!!!!! So we'll keep on trying, keep on looking, and keep on praying, and try to remember to never ask God for patience, ever again.. ;)
Bed time!!

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