Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Anniversary, Mother's Day, Adoption, Misc.

Whew.... Work is killer right now. I'm going in 2 hours earlier, and working at least 1-2 hours later!! Things will settle down SOME in another week or two, but I will still be working more hours than I have been for the past year... Which is a good thing, because our pharmist is going to start working on our boss hiring a driver, so I can stay in the pharmacy and not have to make deliveries anymore... I HATE driving, so that would be A-OK with me!!!
Our anniversary was yesterday (May 6)... We both had to work, but got home early. We went to The Big City (as my little cousin calls it) to PF--Chang*s... Yummy!!! It was a little loud for an anniversary dinner, so we should've sat outside. I dunno, though, there were several little kids running around outside. Anyway. Then we went to the G@ller1a, where we **thought** we were going to get a massage.. Which was actually "Oriental Accupressure," which being interpreted means "Chinese torture"..... I don't recommend it!!!! We are both pretty sore today.... Soon (if I ever get another mileage check -- but that's another story) I'm going to schedule us for the soothing, relaxing, non-painful massage I really wanted us to do. The best part of the day: when I got home, hubby had the table cleaned off, and the kitchen in awesome order!! It really takes so little to make me happy... :) He also got me a huge vase of beautiful flowers, and a picture frame with a pic and an anniversary poem. I really like them both.
Mother's Day dilemma, or part of it, was solved by my mom, who said (and I quote) "Well, you'll be at the baby dedication, that's a once-in-a-lifetime-thing!!!" Uh, thanks, Mom.... So now the questions du jour is how can I stay sane and how will I ever keep the tears at bay? Fun fun fun...
Adoption.... I have an awesome new blogger friend who is giving me some sweet hook-ups. (Thanks Ellen!!) So far, I have emailed a(n infertile) friend of hers who lives relatively close to me and goes to church in The Big City, and contacted an adoption agency she knew a good bit about, Just South of the big City, where there is hope of a child within a year of the paperwork. Wahoo! The more I read, the less sure I am about international adoption for the first child.... I still want to do it, I'm just not sure if that's what I want in the beginning. I'm waiting to hear about marriage length restrictions, financial info, etc. Ellen is a God-send!!!
About the whole mileage check thing.... I work for a small (but growing) closed-door pharmacy. Our pharmacy is in one city, the main office (where the bosses work) is 3 hours away. I'm a pharmacy tech / delivery person, hopefully dropping that last part relatively soon. We just moved out of a mental hospital into our own building. (I don't remember how much I've talked about this here!! Forgive me if I'm repeating myself!!) The hospital was rather centrally located in respect to my deliveries (to mental health group homes, assisted living facilities, a boys home, outpatient mental health consumers, etc), and the new place is located away from everything, on a busy 4-lane with lots of traffic. Not that any of that has to do with my mileage check, but that gives you a picture of my crazy job these days.... We don't clock in/out, we just keep up with out time, and I usually call my house and leave a message with my time and mileage at the end of the day.... I tried writing it in a calendar as I was driving, but that's not the best idea in the world... Anyway. I turn in hours and mileage after for the 1st-15th of every month, and the 16th-the end of the month. Paychecks are direct-deposited, so there's no worries with that getting into the bank. Mileage/expense checks, on the other hand, are mailed.... Sometimes you get it 2 days later, then other times, it takes several WEEKS and EMAILS to the boss's wife, who handles that sort of thing. My aunt also works for this company, for the side that is still located in the mental hospital, and turns her mileage in once a month... She got Feb's check near the end of March, has yet to receive March's check, and is still of course waiting on April's check.... I'm still waiting on both checks from April. Have I mentioned my car needs tires? It's getting to the point that, I need my mileage check, or they are going to be paying to scrape my dead body off of the highway because I had a blow-out.... It's really not fun to air up your tires every 2-3 days in dress clothes. :( And while I would like a new car, I'd rather not sacrifice my quality of life AGAIN.... Soooooo tonight I sent an email to the boss's wife, a nice polite little note that said I hadn't received my check and wanted to confirm she had received my mileage... But really it was my passive-aggressive attempt to say "I want my money, ho," because it stands to reason if my direct deposit goes in, then of course she has my mileage, because I send them in the same email. :)
Yeah I was aiming for bedtime at 10:30.... It is now 12:15.... I think I missed it by a little.... So please excuse all typos, b/c instead of proofreading, I'm going to sleep!!

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