Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Leaving Hell.... And women in labor in the restaurant

There's a high probability that I could have another job within the next 6-9 weeks!! If it's full time, I can leave Hell completely!!! If it's part time, I'm gonna tell them I can still work in Hell, but Tuesday and Thursday and possibly every other Saturday are the only days I will be available. I've pretty much been the pin ball on the schedule. All managers in my position are "required" to close at least 2 nights a week... I'm the only one who actually is made to stick by this rule, the others don't close at all, ever!! I'm only supposed to close 2 nights, and have asked them to work with me on this while I try to plan my wedding, because we are doing most everything ourselves (making invitations, no caterer, probably doing the flower arrangements, my mom is making all the dresses... I mean everything by ourselves!!) In the past month, there have been 2 weeks that I've had to close EVERY night... This started out as a college job, and when I was going to school during the day, working at night was fine. Now, however, I'm getting married, and work is no longer going to be such a high priority. I should first be there to care for my husband and actually see him before bed time. I want to be there to cook for him, I want to be there to welcome him home from work, I want to be his wife!!! With this new job, the pharmacy hours are 8-2, possibly changing to 8-5, Monday-Friday. NO night shifts, NO weekends... My fiance is a bank manager, so our hours would be close to the same, and I would get home before him almost always. We would FINALLY have Saturdays to spend together!! I found out about the job through my aunt, and she seems to think that the job is mine if I want it. I should know something within the next few weeks. I really hope it works out!!!
Okay, women in labor in the restaurant..... That's always lovely.... Of course I've never been pregnant, and never will be, but I've known plenty of pregnant ladies and been around them long enough to know that ya can't really control where your water breaks.... But if you're in active labor, should you really come into a restaurant and eat before you go to the hospital? I mean, there IS something called a drive-thru... So anyway, Tuesday night is Family Night, which actually should be called Kids' Night, because all these little pre-school aged kids come in, generally screaming and yelling and crying.... It's not the best night for me to close anyway, partly because I CANNOT STAND a screaming, out-of-control kid pitching a fit while the parent lets them do it without disciplining the child.... However, the bigger reason is it's just painful. On a good day, I can handle it, but even on a good day when Big Mama brings her 8 kids in that she can't control because she's about to pop with her 9th, it's a little overwhelming for someone who knows she will never be there. On a bad day, the sight of parents with their small children hurts, seeing pregnant bellies hurts, and those screaming kids make me wonder why those parents could have all the babies.... So I have a deal with the other managers that I work in the kitchen on Tuesday nights if I have to close. Tonight I didn't have a chance to go on break before Family Night started, so I ***thought*** I would be safe eating in the dining room after the fun was over and the kids all went home... WRONG!!!!!!!! I ask why we're giving special treatment to this one couple (we give special treatment to lots of customers, and I was just curious), and the other manager tells me that the woman is in labor (!!!!) and she wanted to eat before she went to the hospital!!! So they're finishing up their meal, and then they come talk to us before they leave.... It's their 4th child (his 5th) and they're so excited, they can't wait, they're telling us names blah blah blah...... Well just dig out my heart and let me eat THAT for supper!!!!

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