Wednesday, April 18, 2007

If I was an alcoholic....

... I would be sitting here with my bottle and crying into the keyboard by now! How many more people who I used to think were just little kids are gonna announce that they are married and either expecting a baby or already have 5 kids?!?!?! Honestly, myspace is a quick, easy way to get in touch and stay in touch with old friends, and I'm glad I signed up. I've gotten back in touch with an older friend who is interested in adopting My Little Ukrainian Friend (who has yet to be introduced in my blog! I'll save that for next time) and really wants to help out this summer with the orphan hosting program I've been involved with for a few years. This just blows my mind, because for a few years now, I have begged, pleaded, and basically offered my life, for someone, anyone, to please go with me to visit, or to help me sponsor an activity, or to write letters to orphan children, and it's always been no, I don't have time, that just doesn't interest me, I don't want to get that involved, etc. This wonderful woman read a few posts about my experiences with the orphans, and she's dying to get involved!! I can't wait for this summer!! Yeah, sorry for that big huge tangent!
Focus, focus.... Beware The Pregnant Lady. She is everywhere I go. She is at work times 2. She is in the family times 2. She is at church, times 2. She is in my friends list, not surprisingly, times 2. WHAT IS THIS? FREAKING NOAH'S ARK HERE???????????? It's okay for someone older than myself to be pregnant, that is the normal, natural thing that is supposed to happen. But when all these kids I used to think were so much younger than myself are walking around with kids on their hips or posting pictures of their big bellies, that's just not the natural order of the world!!!
I think we should start a REAL reality show, called Infertility Island. The only way you get off is if you get knocked up. Instead of competitions to see who can collect the most useless pieces of crap, let's see who can produce the most eggs. Instead of voting to see who sings the best, let's wager on who can produce the best semen. Instead of opening that case to find out how much money you just won or lost, why don't we find out how many failed cycles we're gonna go through? Instead of The Bachelor, let's have The Sperm Donor. Let's put a new spin on Survivor. Let's have our own Amazing Race of sorts, whoever gets to the next clinic first gets treated to a free round of injectibles and all-day spa treatments!
Off to bed, so I can get up early and go to hell. I'm in charge of hell tomorrow. The rest of the managers are either in the hospital, off, or close. So it's convenient for me to be a "real" manager tomorrow, instead of "just" a Team Leader. God, I really hope this other job comes through, and SOON!!!!!!
(On a separate note, my car died today, less than a week after being in the body shop because some moron who couldn't drive hit me, which was less than a week after I bought new tires... If it wasn't paid for and the first car I bought on my own.....)

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