Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Prayers, please

Disclaimer: please excuse all @'s, *'s, 1's, and incorrect spelling - attempting to keep the g00gling family members away!!!
My uncle R, his wife D, and her son M were involved in an accident a couple of days ago. They were h!t from beh1nd, pushed into another l*ne, where they were h!t he@d-on, then h!t in the s!de.
M is fine, only a bro*ken f1nger, but he was dr1ving, so feels responsible, even though it was clearly not his fault. D has several broken bones (r1bs, hip, maybe ankle, something funky with the knee), and now they are taking a second look at her b@ck, she is having tr0uble breathing and they put her on 02 today. She was laying down in the b@ck se@t, and ended up with her le*gs in R's lap in the front!
R isn't so "lucky," if you can call it that. He WAS restr*ined in the front, but the @1rb*g was turned off. His breaks include but are probably not limited to: vertebr@e in neck & b@ck, nose, cheekbone, left @arm and/or elb0w in at least 2 places. Initially, he was very consc1ous, spouting off his injuries and room number and code, and demanding to be laid on his b@ck. He was bleeeeeeeeeding, they think from his nose, and it wouldn't stop. During that, he "p@ssed out" according to some, and "c0ded" according to others. (They DID call a Code for his room, hello - do they do that for someone who "just" passes out?) He has been sedated and on a resp1r*tor since late Sunday night. There are conflicting reports ranging from no response and only reflex1ve movement, to an 1ncre@sed he*rt rate at the sound of our voices and frowning/clenching when his various tubles in his mouth are disturbed, to it's too early to tell if it's brain de*th or dam*ge, to some combination of all of the above.
I'm exhausted. And sick. We were at the h0spital until 4am M0nday, then I got around 4 hours of sleep before working in a different ph*rm*cy than usual (my ant works for our s1ster company, and of course she was at the hosp1tal, so they made me work for her. I was only 10-20 minutes away from the hospital, so I went and we got home after midnight last night. I struggled through work today, trying to stay awake. Somewhere between another hospital last weekend (when another aunt was suspected to have a he*rt att*ck, but later found out it was ac1d reflux), this hospital this week, and wiping snotty noses at church Sunday morning, (and I'm sure the stuff that is blooming doesn't help, either) I have what feels like a sinus infection coming on. So tonight, I didn't go to the hospital, but my nephew had a baseball game... It was coooooold, but I couldn't NOT go to his game!
So now I'm in bed - this is the earliest I've been HOME to be in bed all week. Tomorrow night, assuming there's no major changes for anyone, I need to go to the funeral home... A teacher fron h1gh sch00l died from complications with leukem1@, after being diagnosed less than a month ago.
Whew. Lots going on! Please say a prayer for everyone mentioned above!

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