Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shows they should let us film

Since my favorite "reality"-type show has yet to appear, and since my favorite channel is favoring hoar*dies and freaks making ba*lloon things and weirdos "saving" tons of money using coupons on a billion boxes of cereal over wicked awesome tats, how 'bout some shows "they" should REALLY consider?
***A Bachelor spin-off where a birthmom chooses adoptive parents. Or heck, maybe let older children decide who will adopt them.
***A Hoarder spin-off that shows the left-over fertility drugs in AnotherFailedCycle's fridge, or the completed baby room including diapers and ready-to-wear clothes behind a closed door for the girl who lost yet abother baby.
***Or maybe 19 Embryos and Counting! Watch next week to see if Suzy Q can produce more eggs than Michelle ever thought possible, and STILL manage to NOT get preggo!!! Keep 'em guessing, make the 2WW be in real-time.
***In an Intervention-esque special, all the infertiles surprise the new mommies with the shock and horror of how we really aren't interested in your latest 12-D ultr*asound pics, and horror of horrors, have the audacity to ask that you please talk about something besides baby puke and dirty diapers and not sleeping?
***Picture it: a race over the world to see who will find and obtain the cheapest HCG injections: the overweight bride-to-be, or the formerly-skinny infertile.
Yeah. I should pitch these ideas and see how it goes.

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