Monday, December 14, 2009

mostly moved....

So we are mostly moved. As in, the stuff we need on a daily basis is here in the new house. Most of my kitchen is unpacked, I'm moving my clothes a few at a time, and I think we only have 2 more rooms of junk at the old house.
I'm posting tonight from my new toy. We went to get hubby a new phone a couple of weeks ago- I got a bla!ckberry, he couldn't make up his mind.
Last random thing....... I've been all calm and peaceful over the past two months about the holidays, but that almost came crashing down last night. We had our church Christmas dinner, we were running late, I forgot to wrap gifts for my class, and we missed most of it because we were wrapping in another room. Here's to being more prepared the rest of the time!

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