Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Still trying to move....

So we closed on a new house a couple of weeks ago. We're in paint mode right now -- started out "I really like my red kitchen, and want one at the new house!" and quickly turned into "Let's paint it all -- EVERYTHING!!! And strip and poly-something-or-other-I-can't-spell-the-floors too!" So we're working.... And we're packing.... And trying to keep up with what is packed where.... And seasons are changing, and I really don't know where I put my capri pants for those warm days.
But it's all good! :) We will get moved in another month or so, with more space and less clutter (presumably, anyway), and our house will sell QUICKLY!!!! Plans, plans, plans.
It feels good. Our new house is about 10 years old, and doesn't really need any work to be adoption-ready. And we're about 7 months away from being eligible to apply. Wow, was it really 2 years ago that I was crying wondering how I would make it this long? And now I can almost count on one hand the MONTHS we're waiting on.
Still taking bcp's, trying to wait it out until we've moved and settled. Still dealing with some nagging pain in the ovarian region, but nothing a little nap/roxen won't help. Um... Which I'm also taking as needed for what I suspect is either carpal tunnel or Rheu//matoid ar//thritis. Okay, so I don't really have a clue, and self-diagnosis isn't really wise ALL the time. My grandmother had R#A, and ny mom has that as well as lu$pus. It takes me a while to "get going" in the mornings, because my feet hurt, but after I've limped around for a few minutes, they hurt less, and I can walk normally unless I sit for a long time. Having some trouble with my hands in the past week or two, knuckle pain and such. Haven't really mentioned it a lot, because I know what everyone will say --- "Go to the doctor!" --- but really, who has the time?
Work is good, really busy. Have some days where I leave and go "Well, that was a dell of a hay," but I can deal with those kinds of days at this job! :)
All in all, it's all good. Not really blogging or reading a lot, due to all the packing and painting and moving and such. Oh -- a nephew has the dreaded 3-letter f-word, and we've all been exposed! :) That's life! ;)

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