Saturday, September 12, 2009

The ovaries are behaving.... We're closing on a house and MOVING

Things have been rather healthy around here... Well, except that I kind of made fun of hubby and wouldn't let him go to the doctor a couple of weeks ago b/c he already had sinus meds @ home, and now I've ended up with the same junk. The ovaries are behaving nicely now, and in another month or 2 I'm gonna try coming off the bcp's just to see what happens. I would do it sooner, BUT..... {drumroll!!!!}
WE'RE MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It wasn't really all that planned. One weekend we kind of talked about keeping our eyes and ears open for a bigger, newer house on the market in our community within our price range (houses don't come up for sale a lot around here! And land is expensive!) We drove around the country club and some up-scale neighborhoods "in town," places we could never afford, just because it's fun. We do that every now and then, pointing out what we like or don't like about mansions we could never buy.
Then Sunday morning the phone rings whiel I'm getting out of the shower. I figure it's a sister or parent, filling us in on lunch plans. I hear hubby talking and figure out someone is asking if we want to buy their house. The guy had remembered that when we were looking for houses before we got married, he had promised we would be first on his list when they decided to sell. So we looked at the house, we liked it, and now we're just waiting on a closing date.
It's a little sad that we're leaving our little less-than-1000-sq-ft house where we started out... Where hubby made me (frozen, store-bought) lasagna by candlelight on a blanket in the livingroom the Valentine's Day before we were married... Where we acquired (and lost) our first cat and kittens... Where we chased each other with water guns near midnight on a work night... Where we had our first Christmas family gathering less than a year after moving in... Where our niece and nephews have spent the night and played... So many memories go with this little house!!
But we know it's for the best... The house is over 50 years old, and in need of some serious repairs before it would ever pass a homestudy inspection. Don't get me wrong -- it's liveable, and looks pretty good... But there are some things that would have to be done... And there's no more space for other people, no matter how tiny, to live here. There are 2 closets in the whole house. There's no storage space, so the spare bedrooms are storage rooms.
We're moving into a more-than-2000-sq-ft house. With closets in all 3 bedrooms, 2 in the hall, bigger living room, an actual dining room and not just throw-the-table-in-the-kitchen... About 10 years old, doesn't really NEED any work, but we're planning to do some painting inside. A bigger front yard. (You could toss a rock into the road from the porch at our current house! Not good for children, I'm pretty sure we would have had to install a fence all around the yard, due to the road and then the huge ditch that follows the property!)
We're just waiting on closing, then we'll be ready to move in. Theoretically. I should really go pack up some boxes now!! ;)

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That is awesome news!!!