Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pretending I'm not here... And kindergarten is starting

Newsflash!! BCP's don't cure infertility. Who knew? I've been avoiding the internet under the guise of being more organized and focusing more on cleaning house and preparing for adoption.... As if by not participating in the infertile community and starting bcp's, I could cure all of my infertile problems. And B.illy M.ays wasn't on crack.
What can I say? We're not currently ttc. We're not yet preparing for adoption. I suppose I'm trying to go backwards and learn that step I kind of skipped: the young(okay, young-ISH) couple, relatively newlyweds, with no kids and few commitments and not a care in the world. I don't really know how to act, what with this non-timing of going to bed together. It is odd to not think about or make plans around ovulation. We never really did that. I suppose I'm trying to normalize things, but it's really kind of impossible to just leave all of the infertile stuff behind and go back to life before IF.
2 of 6 babies are starting kindergarten on Monday. And a young cousin. Somehow, in less than 4 hours, I am delivering homemade cupcakes (that I have yet to make!) to 3 houses and finding out about first days and new friends and big kid school. Did I mention I've never made homemade anything? So it's really a boxed mix for the cake part, and my sister taught me to make icing with powdered sugar and cr/isco, so that part IS done. I still have to bake, add food coloring to the icing, and decorate. Apparently, the Sunday afternoon nap is not happenin' tomorrow!! But, we'll get home earlier than usual tomorrow night, because our let's-go-out-to-eat-after-church-friends are starting to kindergarten, too. I'm really sad that my babies are growing up so fast!! They're losing teeth and training wheels and going to school all day for 5 whole days a week!!!!!!! Can you imagine the train wreck I'll be when it really and truly is "MY" baby I'm sending to big kid school? Because even though it feels a million miles away, time will fly by once we do have kids of our own.

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Michele said...

enjoy those cupcakes and you are right... time is going to fly!