Thursday, January 29, 2009

Since you don't have kids...

Can I just say I HATE HATE HATE hearing that phrase???? I went to a jewelry party my aunt was having tonight, and the lady doing the show would. not. leave. me. ALONE!!!!!!! about joining up. "Do you have any kids?"... "Oh, then this would be PERFECT for you!!!!!" Because, you know, I have so much free time. Let's go over my usual week...
Monday night = try to stay home and do laundry, clean some house, etc. TRY being the operative word.
Tuesday night = older sister has grad classes, help with her 3 boys.
Wednesday night = church, where I help teach 4-6 grade girls.
Thursday night = plan to stay home, but most often one of 2 sisters and 1 sister-in-law calls needing help with their kids. Which, by the way, I love, because I am Aunt NotTheMama, and that means being the Ultimate Fun Aunt of the Universe.
Friday night = waiting for hubby to get home... If he gets in from work before too late, we might catch a movie or go eat, otherwise I'm probably collapsed on the couch or helping the same 3 girls with the same 6 kids.
Saturday = I really should be cleaning house, but if hubby isn't doing the fire dept thing, we're usually off spending time together. Or I'm with the same 3 girls and same 6 kids.
Sunday = church in the am, lunch alternating between hubby's and my families, collapse at home for a few hours before church Sunday night, when I teach pre-schoolers, then we generally go out to eat with my aunt/our friends. Then we come home, crash, and start over.
So.... Dear lady who wants me to sell jewelry when I don't wear any.... Since I don't have kids, when do you suggest I throw all of these parties?
Yeah, I didn't unload on the woman... But seriously. I wish people would remember back to when THEY didn't have kids... Granted, kids change things, and there are baths to be had, homework to be checked, naps to be taken, etc, but how many people just sat around BC (before children) going "I really REALLY wish we had something to fill all this free time with!!!" Yes, I have less laundry than you, I don't have to stick to a specific schedule like you do, I don't have to find a baby-sitter, or make plans in advance for a grown-up date.... But I DO have other things to which I devote my time and energy. My time is no less important because of my lack of children. And if there was something I could do about that lack, I would NOT become you and tell that childless couple, "Well, since you don't have kids..."

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