Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm going to the doctor.... Not because I want to, but because I have been having some Big-A migraines every. single. DAY. for a couple of weeks now. Today it was only a dull ache. There's only one problem.... I haven't had a physical since, well, high school... My family doctor is Dr Nobody... Haven't been to see the gyn in over a year... Should I start out there? There are just so many things it "could" be... Is it related to my accident almost 9 years ago? I didn't have migraines until then, and I haven't had migraines this bad since I healed from the accident. Could it be hormone-related? My sister tells me I'm not "normal" (I've been telling her that for years!), but I tell her sure I am, I only have to take RX muscle relaxers occassionally for cramps, usually it's just RX strength naproxen. (Take 2 (220) mg tabs, and that's not even the strongest strength, okay?) Oh wait, that's not normal? Psh, normal is so over-rated anyway. Is it stress related? Is it I-need-glassed-and-haven't-seen-that-doctor-in-several-years-related? Do I have some big monster-sized tumor lodged in my brain? Was that e-rumor about a spider hatching in someone's brain true? Okay, maybe not that last one... But seriously, my vision is now affected, which it never has been before, even when I had one, big, huge migraine for months following my accident. Thought and focus are affected, which hasn't really been a migraine-induced problem ever. I keep thinking about this stupid old commercial where the girl says "I can't think... Could I be pregnant???" And I KNOW that's not it.... Even though I would welcome it and people would think I won the lottery or something, I know that's not the deal. Ugh, how I wish it was...
So what doctor do I go see?
And dude, these yummy M's my sister-in-law gave me are seriously killing my diet.

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