Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Keep your sick, pukin' kid at HOME!!!!

Since when is it okay to take your puking kid out ANYWHERE???? Okay, so kids get sick sometimes when you're already in town. I get that. Sucks, but you don't always know when they're gonna lose their lunch. No big deal, as long as you take them home ASAP. But when your kid has a virus, PLEASE keep them @ home!!!!
My aunt called today and asked me if I could pick up my 4-year-old cousin and take him to church with me tomorrow night... I said sure... Then she proceeded to tell me they've all had a virus. The little dude is feeling fine today, eating normally again, but she's still "a little sick"... Who's to say he won't get it again? Or that he's not over it?
It's one thing to give ME, an adult living in a house with only another adult, a virus. But this weekend, I am playing Mom. My sister is having Baby Brother on Friday morning. I am keeping her 5-year-old and 2-and-a-half-year-old Friday afternoon-Sunday night, much to hubby's, um, we'll just say delight hahaha. I understand they or any of us could pick up a virus or who-knows-what at preschool or while we're out shopping or whatever, but to knowingly place them (or me) in a room with puke-face, well, that's just unacceptable!! Especially with a mom who will be sawn in half, and a newborn baby brother.
In other news, the weekend was fabulous... We had fun at the reunion thing, even if I WAS the oldest person in the room... There was only a handful of summer staffers there from when I was on staff, but all the full-time staff remembered me, and I did get to catch up with a few people. Still no Christmas tree in my house, still fighting my mom on that one (so far I'm winning, b/c she's too tired to come do it herself!!), still not planning on putting it up... We did put up the outdoor nativity scene, which has received lots of compliments. If I didn't have dial-up, I might think about loading one on this little blog.
Cruising through this week (it's half over already!!), trying to get ready for the weekend. So far the plan is for me to be @ the hospital @ 5am Friday morning with my sister, her m-i-l is bringing the kids when they get up, then we're going to get lunch when they (or mom) need a break from the hospital, go back for a while, go to their house to sleep... Saturday we're going to sleep until they wake up, then go to the hospital for a while, then hubby and I are taking them with us to finish our Christmas shopping. Sunday, I guess they're going to church with us, too, and if everything goes well, Mom will be coming home Sunday afternoon. Then Monday, I'll go to work to rest for 3 days. :)
If you don't see me for a few days, it's quite possible I checked myself in to my former place of employment hahaha.

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