Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back From the Living Dead

Been a little quiet (okay, non-existant) for the past 2 months!!! Of course I was busy getting the house ready for Christmas and my dad's family (sisters-nieces-nephews-cousins) I forget how many we counted, but it was more than 30 and less than 50. Small house, actually we were in 2 rooms of my small house. There was room for 2 tables, a tree, a couch, and that was about it. There was no squeezing by someone in line! But it was fun. my nephews were the CUTEST opening their gifts, and my house was left just as clean as before the party, oh, and nothing was broken!! So since that's all over, I'm trying to get my house back in some kind of order, store decorations, and clean out that yellow room we just threw everything in the night before. Then. hopefully I'll be back to blogging.
That, and I really haven't been putting much effort into infertility/adoption lately. Kind of in that in-between phase. Infertility is just what it is... I've basically accepted it as a part of our life. I've kind of gotten back into reading some blogs again about adoption and different peoples' adoption experiences, and even read up on some specific agencies. Even that is so far away, I don't really want to do a lot of researching up on it, because a lot, and I mean EVERYTHING, can and probably will change in each country's adoption protocols over the next 2-3 years. Hubby says we'll probably be ready in 2 years, I say depending on where we go, it could be 3 or more... That seems so far away!!!
I've recently hit that Baby Fever stage (again), but so far I've been able to get my Baby Fix through my newest nephew, and my Kid Fix through the other nephews and niece. It's amazing what you forget about babies until you're actually feeding him or changing her again... Tiny little diapers and stinky formula and what a tiny little cry!!! New nephew, new cousin, new babies everywhere!! I want my own little one to hold and love and protect. We've talked about embryo adoption a little (okay, once!) so that might be an option. I keep thinking it would be a lot easier if surprise! I would just wake up one day and be pregnant, and while it would be nice to think and pray and dream that would happen, it's just not realistic. It's just not going to be that easy for us....
To end on a happy note----other good things happening at the end of one year and beginning of another!!
****New game... After not being at all interested in my hubby's PS2 since forever, his sister and I bought him the game and guitar for G.-Hero. I'm a little ashamed to admit that I may be joining a Step Program for it soon.... I am so totally NOT ashamed to admit that I freakin' ROCK, man!!! And there are some awesome songs on it!! The other sad thing is that the tingling and pain returns to my elbow/arm/fingers after I play it much... Hurts to get old!
****New Year's Eve party at the church was cool. 4 decisions, awesome.... And our church (and community) got to see a side of me they'd never seen before. They almost always see the quiet, shy, reserved side, but they got to see the Recreation leader, rock climber, FUN LOUD me. I realized how much I miss doing that!!
****Getting the bills paid off..... Knocking the studend loan down, working on the truck payment, trying to get to the point that our house is the only "big" monthly bill left. Then we'll either try to pay the house off, or save for adoption, or split the extra cash between the two. It could happen in 8 months, theoretically, but more like a year or so.
****Slowing down.... Hubby and I have spent the last could of nights freezing to death on the couch watching movies. Or rather, the movie plays while we take turns sleeping.... It sure is nice to be able to enjoy some down time at home with each other!!
****We pulled out the bicycles and aired up the tires.... And I lasted all of 20 minutes!!! HAHAHA I have not been on one since early high school, like, before I was old enough to drive... It's been more than 10 years, and I was a little slow and shaky starting out. If it ever gets ABOVE freezing again, I am SO getting back in shape!!! I really would like to shrink a few sizes!!! I doubt I'll ever see the size I was back when I rode and played ball all the time, but fitting into my jeans again would be nice!!
Yeah, so.... If ANYONE is reading this, could ya let me know?

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