Sunday, October 28, 2007

Neglecting my blog... catching up!

Wow, it's been almost one month! Um, life has kind of gotten in the way lately, with a new nephew, Christmas two months away and still no pictures on these walls, 4 additional nephews/niece combination to play with and help take care of, work, laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc.... The latest little nephew came in weighing 9 lbs 11 oz and almost 21 inches long. They were a little concerned about his shallow, quick breathing at the start, but as I pointed out, us fat people usually DO breathe differently! ;) Lessons, observations, general ramblings to follow....
### Never, never, and I do mean N.E.V.E.R. Ask. A. Lady. If. She. Is. Pregnant. Unless you see the head crowning and are certain she is having a child as you speak!!! Especially if said lady knows she will never be pregnant! Yeah, it's been a while, so of course last night, I was asked the dreaded question. I vehemently shook my head and emphatically said no. "Well, you know, you've been married for almost 6 months, so it's about time to start trying!!!" Granted, it was a lady who doesn't really get the whole concept of discreet. Who might be a tad on the crazy side. Who, if she were more wealthy than country gas station/store/karaoke? owners with dogs in the store could be, would definitely be known as "eccentric." Not 5 minutes later, I was asked by a young mother of 2 or 3 under age 4, "Have y'all thought about kids yet?" (We were at a steak dinner fundraising thing...) I thought about an awesome response (Yeah, but we decided steak sounded better....) but instead just replied sweetly that right now we have enough nephews and a niece to spoil to keep us more than busy. AAHHHHHHHHH Here it goes again....
### Last Sunday as I looked around the congregation from the choir loft, I saw my best friend from elementary school and her husband and 2 kids under 4 come in. After watching the video about Operation Christmas Child, with all the little kids of different nationalities open their little shoe box full of goodies, not seeing a bunch of raggamuffin kids in another world, but MY OWN CHILDREN.... No Kle*enex in the choir loft argh..... Anyway..... Said friend grew up with an abusive, alcoholic father, a suitcase packed under her bed, and her mother, equally scared, snuck around to pry the nail from the window in case they needed to escape. My friend had 2 sister, an older and a younger. The older is pretty different, living away and still trying to escape it all. The younger was too young when they finally broke away from their father, to really know about any abuse, and she was Daddy's Little Girl, and seems to have grown up more normally. My friend, though, for whatever reason, took the brunt of the abuse, the drunken yelling, the belt buckle, the threats, and I donn't want to think of what else.... The father died several years ago of cancer, and this middle sister and her husband completely gutted that house and turned it into a beautiful home, so different than what they grew up in. I imagine it is full of love and laughter and peace. Anyway. This friend walks into our church with her mom, hubby, kids, and little sister. I'm hit with a realization. I almost just sat down in the middle of the song and thought about it all. I don't need babies. I don't need them. Now M, she needed those 2 babies. Deserved to have as many children as she wanted, easily, with no problems. I have 4 rotten, cute, adorable (and at times mean!) nephews to scuffle and play with, and an adoring niece who is teaching me to be more gentle and how to play with B.Arb.ies (other than ripping off their heads and playing GI J0e with them).... And I thanked God for all of the blessings.
### So, I have found my answer to those questions about "children of my own," other than staring and saying "no," or "it's gonna be a looong time," or digging out eyeballs or.... My answer is, God has blessed us with so many precious little nephews and a niece, that right now all we want to do is spoil them. Much nicer, and honestly, The. Truth.

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