Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tonight we went to eat with some church people. It was supposed to be an evening for all the younger married couples, sans children. Some didn't have baby-sitters, some had to work, so it ended up being my hubby and me, his sister and b-i-l, a couple we are friends with, and one of our cousins, whose hubby had to work. It was a good evening, fun to go out with other couples, and my steak was delicious!! S-I-L found out one of her friends had a baby today, at only 30 weeks. The baby is doing okay, almost 3 and a half pounds, and the doctor said fairly well developed for such a young baby. Mommy is feeling fine. Please pray for them! I've been feeling rather yucky since Thursday, just regular the-weather-changed-and-my-sinuses-always-do-this-type stuff. Hearing about the baby kind of put a bit of a damper on things, then talking about grandmothers and older people making things for babies right before they died.... Yeah, it made for some moments of melancholy! It's always a little tough for me to be around pregnant women (not that I let them know that, I hide it well!! I don't want for things to be awkward) and I love love LOVE my s-i-l and am very happy for her, but there are times when that big belly is just a little much! Not only for myself, but as I rubbed her belly and talked to my nephew, it brought back memories of bending down to kiss my other tiny nephew and tell him I would see him in heaven, through his mommy's tummy, the night before she went for her "procedure," as it was called. What happened to that little guy? We'll never know... Anyway, I digress... I was already a little sad, then walking to our truck, I thought about how all the other people with us were going to pick up their kids, and hubby and I would come home to an empty house, with empty arms, and an empty tummy.
Then we went to check on my grandfather on our way home, and my little 3-year-old cousin was there. He really brightened up my night!! :) We watched part of the Alabama game, until he asked for the second or third time if I would come watch Peter Pan with him. Hubby was already in there with him, and little cuz came to sit beside me on the couch, then scooted his way between hubby and I because he thought he should be in the middle. Then he looked over at me and said "You need to have a little boy!" Surprisingly, it did not make me the least bit sad, I just smiled and asked him what about a little girl. "Nah, just a boy." "What about a little boy AND a little girl?" "Well, that would be okay..." "How about just a little girl?" "NOOOO!!!!!" It was so cute!
Now we're home and hubby is preparing some songs for church. He is directing the choir while our choir director is on vacation. I'm so proud of my wonderful hubby!! I don't talk about his health issues very much, but he has done so much more than the doctors would say he should. Low IQ? Hardly, instead he helped my older sister in high school with a class or two. Not a people person? Yeah right! He is a funny guy, and had our waitress laughing several times. Not at all shy, very outgoing. Don't even bother with college, just go to trade school? Not only did he go to college, he graduated and is a successful banker of all things. He tried trade school, but said it just wasn't for him. He does have trouble using words correctly sometimes (like calling a shetland pony a clydesdale!), and he does make the most weird associations about things, and of course there's the whole infertility thing.... But tonight I'm focusing more on what he HAS accomplished. God blessed him with parents who expected the best of their children, who expected their children to be successful. God has allowed him to accomplish so much more than doctors expect, to be so much more than most KS men. Sure, there are some sad days, but we are too blessed to be depressed!!! God has blessed us in so many ways, and I wouldn't change anything at all about my hubby. Not really sure what the future holds as far as children are concerned, but I do know that I serve a loving and faithful God, who has great plans for us.
Going to bed tonight with the peace that God is in control, and our arms will not always be empty.

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