Thursday, April 9, 2009

It all started with escaping a little bee sting.....

I've been quiet, because I didn't have anything good (positive) to say. :) My car is on the fritz more so than it was... I almost didn't make it to my sister's house across the mountain Saturday. So hubby and his dad go pick up my car to "tinker" with it (made me reallllllly nervous. I want MY DADDY to fix things! Some things never change, huh?) ;) On their way home, hubby's truck starts making some weird noise. It's in the shop. It could cost a couple hundred, or a couple thousand to get it fixed, depending on whether or not the motor has to be removed. Add in a $600 dentist bill (and that's just the remaining balance), unknown amount on my car, I actually just need a NEW car that we've been looking at, a credit card bill that we would really like to see paid off SOON, the satellite we just "had" to have, and probably some other things I'm forgetting, and you end up with lots of arguing and me spending one night one the couch. And AF showed up Monday. Just to make things easier and me happier.
But it's getting better. AF is gone. We're sleeping in the same bed and speaking nicely to each other again. It all started with a pesky little bee. Well, we started playing nice before that but... I'm getting gas yesterday after work. Something buzzes past me and lands on my back. I ignore it, then think "What if it's a bee?" I shake my shirt a little and.... The unknown insect goes down my pants!!! I can't rid myself of the pants outside. I don't want to sit down. So I get in the SUV (driving my mom's) and can feel it, careful not to sit on that side. I shake my pants and do a little dance, and it finally flies/falls out the leg. It IS a BEE!!!!! To which I am ALLERGIC!!!! And it didn't sting me. Amazing. I'm guessing God knew I couldn't handle anymore bad, so he gave me some relief.
Hubby called me today. While he was at work. This does NOT happen. I call him. He was offered a job in a different office, a considerable promotion at a larger branch. Much closer to home. 55 miles to 19 miles away is pretty good. The pay increase solves the issue of whether or not I should take on a second job or try to find a better-paying one. Praise the Lord, God is good!! I was feeling a little (okay, a LOT) defeated -- just when I thought I had kicked IF in the booty and was handling things nicely, satan decided to mess with our finances. Then God kicked HIM in the booty and said "You can't mess with them!" I shall celebrate by cooking breakfast for supper (bacon, eggs, biscuits, and homemade gravy, baby!), and cleaning the tub. We really know how to celebrate around here. :)

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