Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Random observations/comments....

#1. So, instead of fighting with 10 or so 4-6 graders while they climb under the table during the sinners prayer and say that going to Heaven is stupid, I decided tonight I would put my college edumacation to good use. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we went outside, in the (finally!!!) warm sunshine, and played games. Psych major / Rec minor.... Not just any old games, but games with a purpose!! ;) They stayed occupied, I got some exercise, and I kicked some little kid butt at tag!! Gotta love having the longer-arm-advantage!!
#2. Sadly, hubby and I have been exposed to the flu. Even more sadly, it was by 2 of the nephews. Most sadly, they had flu shots!!! So I'm left going, "Is this a flu-headache, or the usual? Is my neck hurting because it always does, or am I getting sick?" Ugh.
#3. I now have baby sea monkeys. At least one thing in this house is fertile! Very. As in, I see new squiggly babies every. single. day.
#4. I decided to skip the 16.9 oz Dr Pepper, and go straight to the 12 oz, yesterday.... After being very bad and drinking various random sodas depending on what was around all weekend. And today, I had a couple of sips, and that's it. And tomorrow, I might have NONE.... Maybe.... Hubby can ahve the remaining DP's! ;)
#5. Playing 500000000 versions of tag HURTS when you get old... But dang it, you WIN!!!

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