Friday, March 14, 2008

No, really, it's okay... I rode my bicycle Tuesday!!

That has been my motto of the day. Last night I went with my mom to a singing (she plays the piano for a group) and we went out to eat. Just me and my mom!! No kids, mo husbands, no friends, just the two of us!! Of course, no trip to town would ever be complete without a stop at Wally World. I avoided the snacks, the ice cream, just got some bread, but right before we checked out, they had bags of Easter Hershey's kisses right in front of my nose. I've been on a chocolate kick, and didn't have anymore at home, so I just couldn't resist! I took them to work, and all 3 of us were enjoying them. But it's okay, because I rode my bicycle Tuesday!! ;) (I'm still doing good with my drinks, though...) Monday, I will go from 2 (12 oz) bottles, to one (20 oz), then the next week a (16.9 oz), then a (12 oz), then eventually nothing. Or at least, that's the plan. You know, unless I run once a week too. Methinks my clothes are still shrinking....

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