Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hi, I'm the infertile, adoptive mom, playing the role of the birthmom... Or, a drama of irony

But first, our little guys are doing great. Still trying to undo over 4 years of the oldest never having to follow any rules at all, and some recent potty issues with the little dude, but over all we are good! So, we are doing this drama at church, and I was approached to be the leading lady. She has terminal cancer, and ultimately has to tell her husband and daughter that she placed a child for adoption when she was in college. Me. The infertile, adoptive mom. Playing the part of the birthmom. Well, emotion .will not be difficult .... I want to do this right, and good, and believable, and be respectful of birthmoms. And adopted persons. And moms with cancer. And surviving family. But mostly, I want to do the role of birthmom justice. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I already see some adoption language I am going to respectfully ask to be changed. I do think my children will be spending that service in the nursery, even though they are both too old for the nursery. They would definitely pay attention. They would be freaked out that mommy is crying on stage. They are already asking for a sister, and the oldest would probably make a connection, and ask why I have never told him that he does have a sister. It brings up lots of thoughts and feelings, and I will definitely be coming back to pound out my thoughts here. For now, any birthmoms want to weigh in on thongs I should or should not do or say?

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