Monday, February 4, 2008

Being the Fun Aunt isn't always easy!

This afternoon, right after I put a load of clothes on to wash, but right before I started washing dishes, my older sister called. Nephew #1 (and of course, followed by #2, who wants whatever his brother wants) requested my presence, and hubby's, if he was available. (He wasn't, he was still at work, and had a fire meeting tonight, for the local volunteer fire dept) A few minutes later, The Lone Niece called. "Um, I was wondering if you and Uncle could come eat supper with us?" I told her I was sorry, that Nephew #1 had already called and asked me the same thing. We discussed (very grown-up, for a 4-year-old) how Uncle and I had planned to cook some lasagna and bring it to there house, and she said she thought Saturday night would be great. (We have a church thing Saturday night, but her mom and I talked and we'll get together sometimes this week) So see, being the Funt Aunt and Uncle DOES have its difficulties!!! Do we go to Nephew #1&2's house (4 years and almost 2 years), or do we go to Lone Niece and Nephew #4's house (4 years and 4 months!!) (Nephew #3 isn't left out on purpose... Issues with his mom)
So, since Nephew #1 had called first, that's where I went. He proceeded to, as usual, kick my butt at OO7 on the PS2 (really, how does a 4-year-old sneak up behind you like that?), show me how he could take a shower by himself, all but washing his back, we ate green waffles with choc chips, I taught him to play Frogger on the PS2, we wrestled the controllers away from Nephew #2 a billion times, hid from each other, jumped out and scared each other, and finally laid in bed and watched cartoons until my clothes were dry and it was bedtime. At some point, I was lectured (yes, by a 4-year-old!) about the difference between a cartoon and real life, and how the animations work. I continue to be amazed at all of those kids' vocabularies!! Nephew #2 will repeat anything and everything you say, and answers questions with complete sentences. And it's not just because I'm the Fun Aunt, even their doctor is amazed by their smarts and their speech.
So.... Where are we on the IF front? Well, I did find out last week that 3% of KS men DO produce some sperm. Could we be in that 3%? Last year at hubby's annual trip to the endocrinologist (not an RE, this dude deals mostly with diabetes, etc), we were referred to a urologist upstairs. Since we weren't yet married, we decided to hold off on that. We've started talking about making that trip, but his annual appt is in April, so we may just wait. Meanwhile, I started doing some more reading. (WAY TMI ON THE WAY) Since our "baby-dancing" is rather sporadic, it ***could*** be that we just haven't had the right timing yet... (Thinking positive here!!!) Wouldn't you know that last time we were in Wal#M@rt, so was the rest of the world? I did a quick scan, but didn't really want to stop and look for ov predictors while the pastor of my mom's church was shopping for a toothbrush. Or some kids from my own church. Or hubby's aunt.... Regardless, I didn't really see anything. Gonna try to stop at a S.ock or W@l-Green*s... Otherwise, any ideas on where to shop? OR... It could be that (once again WAY TMI) we should use a special lubric@tion that I as yet have not managed to locate anywhere in Hickville.
But more likely, we will go see the urologist in April/May, and go from there.... And most likely, he will do an analysis and tell us there's really not much he can do.....
Can't blame a girl for trying, eh?

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